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Brewing Industry Collaboration with Beer Tourism

Brewing Industry Collaboration with Beer Tourism Cesky-Krumlov-varna-Eggenberg

Brewing Industry Collaboration opportunities present themselves in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, sizes, and proposals.   The benefits for the brewing industry faithful will be obvious at times but sometimes be a bit more subliminal.  A good collaboration works for everyone involved.  As I travel industry member operating inside this unique segment of “Beer Tourism” I am constantly on the lookout for beneficial Brewing Industry Collaboration opportunities.

Just like Real Estate, location is everything.  If you are based in a Beer Cultural hotspot that has the draw of professional sports or places of interest, there could be an opportunity.  Large cities like Boston, Seattle, Portland, and Denver are obviously tourist destinations.  Smaller cities like Asheville, Grand Rapids, and Columbus are also attractive destinations.  Those are just a few of the many attractive brewery industry collaboration opportunities across the USA and Canada.

I hope to spell out a few of the opportunities and detail your benefits as a collaboration partner.  I’ll show you how you can capitalize on an untapped profit center available to you inside the database you have been diligently building since day one of your business.  This opportunity comes with minimal risk, while at the same time providing a cost-effective service to your clients.  A service that potentially can turn your customers from patrons to ambassadors.

Thirsty Pelican Tours and Play Harder Tours in St Petersburg Beer Tour Collaboration

City Beer Tours

The local beer tour providers offer the most obvious collaboration opportunities.  As a Beer Tourism specialist, we emphasize the need to hire local guides without exception.  The best way to explore an unfamiliar beer culture is with a local specialist, a company with the connections to open doors.  A company that creates a beer-centric experience that may not be available to the ordinary walk-in off the street.

Besides tour bookings, we can bring the travel agency aspect to your business.  By adding a “Travel to Our Area” page to your website, we can manage and book travel inquiries.  Including Bachelor and Bachelorette parties that you could be missing. Weekend getaways to your area can easily be booked.

In return, we would appreciate your support on Twitter and Facebook.  Likes, Shares, and follows are always helpful.  We can design and cobrand travel opportunities for your area.  We would ask you to use your database to help promote some of our special trips throughout the year.  As an example, The Spring Beer Festival in Munich, Frühlingsfest.  Our bookings will generate revenue for you!


Just like the “City Beer Tours” above, we can help bring customers to your brewery.  We can also use a similar “Travel to our Area” page to manage and book travel inquiries.  Everything you see above is available to you in collaboration, with one huge advantage.  We can help you create, manage and book a group travel event.  This could be as simple as a long weekend in Boston, with beer tours, sightseeing, and sports events.  If you are a baseball fan, you’ll have goosebumps the first time you walk into Fenway and see the Green Monster!

It could also be a trip to a European beer destination, perhaps The Czech Republic?   One week in Prague from most US cities, with hotel and air included can run as little as $900 per person with double occupancy.  The bottom line is that it’s affordable, and the benefits to this type of trip can be highly advantageous. Include a brewery owner or partner, and perhaps a brewer and you have the potential to create a bonding experience with your patrons.  Traveling together can galvanize a relationship and transform a patron into an ambassador!  They will tell everyone they know generating the word of mouth that is the lifeblood of this craft beer industry.

I am not a tax advisor, so it is important to run this by your CPA.  If this trip is structured properly you may have the added benefit of writing off a portion of the trip as a business expense.  Since this would be a “brewery” event and you are entertaining your clients it should be deductible.

Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference

Ryan Newhouse interviews Bill Tabone of Play Harder Tours

Brewer Guilds

An exclusive brewer only (and their significant other) travel package filled with private tours can build ties to your guild members.  Opening communication between the guild and its members can only strengthen an organization.  Making new friends and strengthening existing relationships, while being away from the worries of home.  Brewing Industry Collaboration with beer tourism companies will work with every type of brewery business and thereby strengthen the relationship with the guild.

Talk to your CPA, this type of trip could be considered a business expense and should be deductible for the participants.

Play Harder Tours

We are a Jacksonville Florida based “Beer Tourism” travel specialist, working with both group and independent travelers.  We have a lifetime of travel experience and draw on that experience in our travel recommendations.  Our trips are affordable, and we charge nothing extra for our service.  You get the best available rates on air, hotels, and activities through the Expedia system. Our experience coupled with travel package affordability gives your organization an easy Beer Tourism Brewing Industry Collaboration.

The Beer-Centric Traveler writes for Play Harder Tours… Please email Bill@playhardertours.com and start your travel planning today! For a complete list of recommendations please email with ” Brewing Industry Collaboration ” on the subject line.  I’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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