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Pilsner Hot Tub

When I first saw the words “Beer Spa” I immediately  thought “Tourist Trap” based on the number of spas scattered across the Czech Republic. Boy was I wrong,  this was truly an experience that should not be missed. The Spa Culture is a cornerstone of Bohemian tradition and has been for centuries.  With that in mind you do see more tourists than locals but that stands to reason with Prague and the Czech Republic being such an attractive destination.  What started as a curiosity quickly became the experience described in their brochures!

Beer Spa Bernard (https://www.pivnilaznebernard.cz/en) has three locations in Prague, each displaying their own individual character.  We visited the Karoliny Svetle location just a few blocks from the Charles Bridge in a wonderful space below the Karoline Hotel.

We entered the Karoline and were immediately greeted by our spa technician, Enna Vaitovich, a vibrant and very entertaining young lady just oozing with personality! She leads us down a spiral stairway to the cellar below the hotel.  I use the word cellar for lack of a better word, make no mistake the space is immaculately clean and decorated perfectly. At the bottom of the stairway stands a life sized wooden sculpture of a robed medieval man with beer stein in hand reminding you that this is a long standing tradition.

To your left a changing room with shower, and on your right a massage table.  Your eyes are immediately drawn to the tub area and double bed at the far end of the room.  Two wooden tubs, each large enough for two people outfitted with beer taps will soon be used pouring their delicious Bernard Beer.  The double bed is a comfortable relaxation space designed to warm your body after your treatment, opening your pores as you lay wrapped inside a thermal blanket like a human burrito!

You might think this experience would be super expensive but it’s not. A one hour treatment (one or two hours is perfect) for two people sharing a tub for an hour is only $120 (not per person). That includes 30 minutes in the tub followed by 30 minutes in the bed plus all the incredible Bernard Beer you can drink. You are in total privacy for the treatment and able to work up a sweat in every way you can imagine (wink wink). It’s the perfect couples experience. If I had one regret it’s that I didn’t take advantage of the massage, for an additional $37 (not per person) we could have capped our unique Prague Beer Spa Bernard experience with a massage. Be sure to make your reservation in advance of your trip using this email address, info@pivnilaznebernard.cz, and please specify your desired location. Don’t forget to tell them you learned of the experience at The Beer-Centric Traveler.

The Beer-Centric Traveler writes for Play Harder Tours… Please email Bill@playhardertours.com and start your travel planning today! For a complete list of recommendations please email with “Beer Spa Bernard” on the subject line. I’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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