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Today, with the availability of a multitude of travel booking sites allowing ease and simplicity in booking over the internet it’s easy to forget the reasons why you would even consider using a travel agent.  We tend to forget the intangibles, those subtle value-added features that a good travel agent will bring to the table.  Remember the old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”, so please let me do my best to remind you.

  • Travel Agents Troubleshoot Your Planning: A good travel agent will serve as your consultant, listen to your destination goals factoring in your available travel time.  The last thing you want to do is spend too much time traveling and not enough time enjoying your destination.
  • Travel Agents Have Knowledge: Travel updates and advisories, industry news and bulletins are circulated daily, most from inside the industry and a few from the U.S. State Department. Foreign tourist offices will issue guidance on transit strikes that can disrupt travel plans.  
  • Travel Agents Save You Time: Proper research and travel preparation can take a considerable amount of time, especially when starting from scratch.  While some find this travel research enjoyable, for those with the available time, the intricate details can be easily overlooked and can be difficult to absorb. 
  • Travel Agents Save You Money: Packaged bookings can save you money and in many cases the savings are significant. Knowing when to book, and more importantly,  knowing when to travel can also save you money.  Access to group rates as well as promotions are passed on to the consumer.  Travel agents earn their fees from their bookings without charges to the client.  If you book online, the travel agent credits are kept by the booking company. 
  • Travel Agents Share Their Experience: A good travel agent will have first-hand knowledge of your destination. Nothing beats personal experience and your travel agent is always willing to share those experiences.  Knowing the best part of town, the best hotels and restaurants and sharing that knowledge invaluable. 
  • Travel Agents Add a Personal Touch: Booking online can be cold and impersonal versus a travel agent who holds a vested interest in giving you a wonderful travel experience.  Their livelihood depends on it since word of mouth is their primary method of building their business.  
  • Travel Agents Have the Connections: Over years of experience travel agents establish personal connections with hotels, cruise companies, and guides. Those personal connections are to your benefit since they directly translate into a better travel experience for you. 
  • Travel Agents Offer Unbiased Guidance: Your travel agent will always offer unbiased guidance, they are trained to look at each piece of your vacation experience puzzle with a critical eye and very willing to offer advice on how to correct a potential issue.  It’s important to remember that travel agents work FOR YOU, not the travel supplier. 
  • Travel Agents are your Advocate: Your travel agent is just a phone call, text or email away, always willing to lend a hand if you if you need it.   If a problem develops your agent is there for you, ready to act on your behalf.    

Play Harder Tours is a Jacksonville based travel agency specializing in both “Beer Tourism” and “Bucket List” destinations.  With over 30 years of personal travel experience, we are committed to providing you with the best possible travel experience, giving you the opportunity to hit the ground running when you reach your destination.  We offer both group and individual travel packages that are custom built for your specific needs.  Please call Bill Tabone at (904) 910-7009, email bill@playhardertours.com or visit our website www.playhardertours.com for more information.  Beer Aficionado or Not, You’ll Love Our Trips!

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