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Looking for The Perfect Day Trip from Dublin Ireland?

Choosing the perfect day trip can make or break a vacation, the beautiful seaside village of Howth (pronounced Hoe-th) Ireland checks off all the boxes.  Located just a short 30-minute train ride East of Dublin with trains running every 30 minutes in both directions makes this an easy and very convenient day trip. Without a doubt the perfect day trip from Dublin Ireland!

  • Ease of travel
  • Historical significance
  • An area teeming with wildlife
  • The best seafood in Ireland
  • An Award-Winning Craft Brewery

Located on the northern boundary of Dublin Bay on the peninsula of Howth Head with convenient access to the cold waters of the Irish Sea creates the perfect mix to make Howth the largest fishing harbor in Ireland.  Fresh seafood spawns fine restaurants and Irelands Sea Food Festivals provides a description of 6 of their favorites in their Essential Guide: Six Amazing Seafood Restaurants in Howth including Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas BarThe Brass MonkeyAbbey Tavern, The Oar House, Aqua Restaurant and King Sitric.  Certainly, a daunting task to explore on your own, but I have a better idea!  What’s the best way to explore this beautiful seaside village, you ask?  Free Walking Tours Howth is the way to go, they offer several tours but the “foodie” and “beer lover” in me is drawn to their Craft Beer & Seafood Trail.  We’ll visit Howth’s legendary Bloody Stream Pub, sampling craft beers from the area as we listen to ancient tales of Vikings, Danes, and Pirates too. The Bloody Stream Pub is a traditional Irish bar & seafood restaurant in the heart of Howth village, a hotspot for locals as well as visitors inspired by their live music and friendly atmosphere. The Craft Beer & Seafood Trail continues to Howth harbor, enjoying the fresh sea air as we watch the fisherman offload their catch.  We’ll visit several area restaurants sampling that delicious catch of Dublin Bay Prawns, Mussels, Oysters, Calamari, and of course Howth’s famous Seafood Chowder. To book your tour please email mark@freewalkingtourshowth.com

Nature lovers will enjoy Ireland’s Eye Ferry offering 2 options.  Trip 1:  Explore the island from the sea watching for a variety of seabirds including, Gannets, Guillemot, Cormorants, Kittiwakes and Sea Gulls. With a bit of luck, you may even see a colony of seals!  Trip 2:  Land on Ireland’s Eye and explore the island at your leisure. Enjoy the stunning views from the top of the island, explore the ruins of a 5th-century monastery, and quietly spy on islands large bird colony.  Ireland’s Eye Ferries is a 4th generation family business offering their boat trips from the West Pier on Howth Harbor. The trip to Ireland’s Eye is only 15 minutes by boat from the mainland, but some say it’s like visiting another planet a total disconnect with the outside world. Trips to and around Ireland’s Eye operate daily from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm weather permitting.  To book a trip please email info@irelandseyeferries.com

If you are a beer lover, and reading this article you must be, you’ll want to include a stop at Hope Brewery on your way back to Dublin.  The Hope Craft Brewery located a short 10-minute walk from the Kilbarrack Train Station, was opened in 2015.  You know the story, 4 school buds sitting around the kitchen table each sharing a passion for beer and business!  Well, they did it, they opened an award-winning brewery, built around 4 core beers plus the addition of several experimental small batch brews! As they say on their website, “Although Hope is our main brand, each beer has its own distinct name, story, and taste experience.  Discover our stories! Discover our Beers!  Hope. Dublin brewed craft beer with character”.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good story, not to mention award-winning beer! To book a brewery tour please email jeanne@hopebeer.ie

Brewed & Bottled in Dublin

Certainly, an extraordinary day trip to Howth, with friendly locals, entertaining guides, awe-inspiring wildlife, delicious seafood, and phenomenal beer!  A busy experience driven day that’s quite manageable with everything located just off the DART train line. From Hope, it’s just a short walk to the station followed by 15 minutes by train and we are back in Dublin City Center.  For tomorrow is another day in Dublin, with much to explore and so much more to experience!

The Beer-Centric Traveler writes for Play Harder Tours… Please email Bill@playhardertours.com and start your travel planning today! For a complete list of recommendations please email with “Howth” on the subject line.  I’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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