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Dental Tourism In Costa Rica!


Medical Tourism is definitely “a thing,” and the place to go for Dental Tourism is Costa Rica! The high cost of dentistry in the United States has discerning people looking for alternatives. While many look to Europe for their solution, the real low-cost answer is much closer to home. In my case, I was looking for three dental implants with a projected cost from a U.S. dental provider upwards of $16,000. I found my solution in Costa Rica, through Dr. Esteban Urzola of Urzola Dentistry, with a savings of over 75% compared to the projected U.S. cost. For me, Dental Tourism to Costa Rica was the obvious solution.

Urzola Dentistry

I will admit the novice traveler may find the idea of dental tourism daunting. Skeptics will question the idea, asking why go to a third-world country for dental treatment. They will ask about foreign medical standards and if it’s worth the risk. I even had one person suggest I would probably wake up in a bathtub filled with ice with a kidney removed! This is just Hollywood-induced nonsense that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Costa Rica is a modern country with high medical standards offering first-class dental services. Costa Rica has become a dentistry leader, with many of their dentists trained and educated in the United States. Dr. Urzola is a perfectionist, as is his staff; nothing is compromised. His clinic is first class with the latest equipment, all state of the art.

Dental tourism to Costa Rica couldn’t be easier!  American and Spirit Airlines offer several flights per day to San Jose at a cost of approximately $300 per person. It’s a 3-hour flight from Fort Lauderdale Airport. SJO, Costa Rica’s main international hub, is just a short drive from Urzola Dentistry in the upscale suburban Lindora community. There are several hotel options, most including breakfast in the $100 per night range. Dr. Urzola has negotiated special rates for his patients, which I couldn’t match as a travel agent! All the arrangements were coordinated through his office manager, Cristina Soriano. 1-650-640-9721

Getting back to my situation… I had 3 teeth extracted over the past 5 years and felt it was time to do something about it. At the time of the extraction, I chose to include a bone graft because I knew at some point, I would need dental implants.

Urzola Dentistry

My first visit to Dr. Urzola was a three-night stay, flying into SJO on a Sunday with my appointment on Monday morning. After an initial examination, which included x-rays, Dr. Urzola applied local anesthetic before starting the procedure. The process was quick, and I felt no pain. I was sent home with pain medication and specific instructions for care in case of bleeding (which is rare), diet, and hygiene. On my return to the hotel, I requested ice which would reduce any swelling I might encounter. By 4 p.m. the same day, I was hungry for dinner, and soup with soft noodles was perfect. The following day I was feeling great, with no pain or swelling. I felt so good I did a food tour in San Jose! Wednesday was my final day in Costa Rica with a quick visit to the office before my transport to the airport for my flight home.

Urzola Dentistry

My second visit to Dr. Urzola was 6 months later and would be a bit longer stay. My wife joined me on this trip since I would have some free time between appointments. This appointment included an examination by Dr. Urzola, with x-rays, and molds were made for the custom-made prosthetic teeth. We had 3 days between my first and last appointment which we used to explore the La Fortuna area and the Arenal Volcano. Following our return, we had our last appointment with the prosthetic teeth placed and fitted into my mouth before flying home the next day.

My Dental Tourism experience in Costa Rica was nothing short of perfect! I could not have found a better dentist. Dr. Urzola and his staff at Urzola Dentistry welcomed me with open arms, I was comforted when I was nervous about the procedure and left 100% satisfied and happy with the experience. Dr. Urzola, a perfectionist, made sure everything was just right! Just to be clear, this testimonial is written without any conflict of interest, and without any form of compensation.

Dental Tourism to Costa Rica must be considered for anyone in need of cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. You’ll save money and have a great time in an amazing country!