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Europe Destinations

Iceland Northern Lights

Is Iceland “Bucket List” worthy? From the tallest volcano in Iceland I scream YES!

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It’s called The Land of Fire & Ice for good reason, this island country is dotted with 130 volcanoes with 30 of them active! Even though much of the island is covered with a permanent ice cap, the Summer months are intensely green with fields filled with purple flowers thanks to the warm Gulf Stream waters that moderate the countries climate with average winter temperatures of 32 degrees. Iceland has more than 10,000 waterfalls, more than any other country in Europe. You’ll experience some of the most dramatic, goose bump generating cascades you could ever imagine. This dramatic landscape makes Iceland a Hollywood favorite with “location” shoots for Game of Thrones and Vikings, and in the movies with Batman, Star Wars, James Bond, and Lara Croft to name a few. This is the most spectacular scenery I have seen in my travels and most definitely bucket list material.

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Travelers are buzzing about IcelandAir! (you should be too)

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Travelers are buzzing about IcelandAir! (you should be too)

Take the time to discover IcelandAir, it will be well worth your effort.  Keflavik Airport, the IcelandAir hub is located on the Southwest coast of Iceland just 40 minutes outside of Reykjavik.  Iceland, situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is just 5 hours flying time from Boston or New York and only 7 hours from Seattle or Portland.

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Munich Germany Beer Tour

Three European Festivals to Include in Your Travel Itinerary

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Travel With a Purpose, 3 Festivals to Include in your travel Itinerary.

Most people today seem to travel without purpose, and on short notice to boot. Once getting to their destination they fly by the seat of their pants fumbling through guide books visiting everything touristy and totally missing the heart and soul of the countries they visit. Proper travel planning requires months of preparation and careful consideration of your travel dates. With a bit of flexibility, and advance planning a vacation can become an experience. Find an event or festival and build your trip around it, embracing the adventure of different cultures, foods, and languages.

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