Savannah’s Festivals and Events

Savannah has more than 10 large festivals a year and numerous smaller city festivals. Every spring, music takes center stage for 15 days of unparalleled entertainment as the Savannah Music Festival showcases the world’s best in a vocal talent competition and performances by international superstars. Home and Garden tours are as much a part of Savannah as her city squares; and March and April bring two of the nation’s most prestigious home and garden tours. In the fall, “Tinsel Town” makes appearance at the Savannah Film and Video Festival, one of the country’s burgeoning cinematic arts festivals. If it’s celebrations of culture you seek, Savannah fills the streets and squares with festivals that are dedicated to African-American heritage, Seafood, Oktoberfest, unique Greek and Jewish communities as well as sports and the arts. The holidays bring Southern Lights, a Savannah Celebration. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve; weekends are filled with lights, music and holiday cheer.

Ghostly Tales in America’s Most Haunted City

Savannah is one of America’s oldest cities; its founding goes back 1733. Sprinkled among the living are quite a few residents of a “Spiritual Nature.” Savannah has thousands of ghost stories to tell and several interesting and unique ways to get you spooked! Walking lantern tours, horse and carriage rides under the stars, theatrical rides in a converted hearse or a haunted pub crawl, where the occasional libation helps to calm the nerves, are just a few ways you can explore America’s Most Haunted City.

Savannah’s Food is Piping Haute

Savannah is known for elegant and authentic coastal cuisine. Dining in Savannah has become just as famous as her historic sites. Savannah gives visitors the vacation their taste buds deserve. Here, not only our food is making history but the destination is too. Savannah has a mix of eclectic award-winning restaurants and fantastic chefs, including the Food Network’s own Paula Deen whose local restaurant, The Lady & Son’s, is a popular attraction.

Savannah meets Hollywood

Savannah over the years has become the fictional home of some of the silver screen’s most memorable movies including “Forrest Gump,” “Roots,” “Gator,” “Glory,” “Something to Talk About,” “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” “Forces of Nature,” “The General’s Daughter,” and the Robert Redford golf epic, “Legend of Bagger Vance.” Hollywood loves Savannah because our beautiful Historic District and Lowcountry landscape make us an instant movie set. While in Savannah, take a movie tour and see the sights featured in some of pop culture’s favorite films.

Savannah St. Patrick’s Day

Irish eyes are smiling in Savannah every March 17. The Savannah population doubles every year as Irish or Irish for the day pack the Savannah streets and Waterfront for St. Patrick’s Day- “Savannah Style.” Beer is not the only thing that flows emerald green during the holiday, every fountain within the city limits is dyed green in a ceremony that dates back more than 100 years. Green reigns supreme when everything from hair to dogs to even green eggs, grits and ham gets residents and visitors into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Savannah has been celebrating her Irish heritage for more than a century. Traditional Irish values and customs of old are mingled with the vibrancy and charm of a city whose quirky personality comes out in both people who call Savannah home and those that are just here to visit.

Most do not know that the first parade was a small private affair, more than 180 years ago, for a group of men with Irish heritage to honor the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, a Catholic priest.

Over the years, the parade has become a public event that grows in size every year. To this day, the true St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Savannah remains a deeply religious family event that features authentic Irish music, Celtic dances and great food.

March and April are among the most beautiful months during the year in Savannah. Temperatures are often in the 70s and sunny with flowers in bloom. March and April are also the busiest months for tourism in Savannah, so pre-planning is a must when it comes to celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah.

Savannah’s Nightlife

Hear jazz and blues—or bluegrass. Go salsa or swing dancing. Sing along in a piano bar or puff away in a cigar bar. Savannah offers evening tours, outdoor concerts and frequent fireworks and festivals, along with late-night hot spots. Theoretically, you could stay out all night—although we do suggest that you get some sleep to keep up with the daytime fun.

City Market and River Street offer exciting nightlife all within walking distance of most of Savannah’s Historic District accommodations and Savannah’s famous “togo” cups make bar hopping in this saucy city a favorite evening activity.

The Historic District is home to the Savannah Theater, the oldest continually operating theater in America and their fantastic permanent show Jukebox Journey. Dance and sing as this ensemble cast performs hits from every decade five nights a week.

Savannah by night would not be complete without at ghost tour. Savannah has a thousand ghost stories to tell and several interesting and unique ways to get you spooked! Walking lantern tours, horse and carriage rides under the stars, hearse tours or the haunted pub crawl are just a few ways you can explore America’s Most Haunted City.