Viva Las Vegas!

The Entertainment Capital of the World will let the good times flow with “Las Vegas World Beer Fest,” an international Oktoberfest-styled showcase of micro brews, stouts, ales and more—open every Thursday through Sunday for one year beginning October 13.

Aficionados, enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy a cold one will have access to more than 500 different beers from 100 different brew masters across the globe, including Germany, Belgium and the U.S.

“The Las Vegas World Beer Fest will bring together brands not often found in the United States, such as Dieu Du Ciel, Budvar and Wesvleteren,” said organizer Patrick Gagnon, president of Patrick Gagnon Signature, an event management agency from Montréal, Canada. “And because the festival is every weekend, there will always be new beers from different companies and countries to enjoy.”

Gagnon anticipates more than one million visitors during the festival’s first year.

“Las Vegas, with its energy, amenities and mixture of adventurous tourists, is the ideal city for a year-long festival,” Gagnon said. “I think the only city that could compete with Las Vegas and an event like this is Munich. Their Oktoberfest is 16 days and receives two million visitors each year.”